Plan a Pi Party

We'd be delighted to help plan a special event or cater your next party. For information, please contact us at 757-213-0600.

Kids' Birthday Parties

Take the work out of your child’s next birthday party, have it at PI's.* Just invite from 10-16 children ages 4-10, bring the cake and we’ll take care of all the rest. We’ll provide birthday decorations, Pi tee shirts and temporary tattoos, a 6” pizza and kid sized beverage for each child along with a certificate for a free kids meal on their next visit. The Birthday child eats for free and will also receive a birthday card from our General Manager.

Pi Birthday Package

*Pi Birthday Parties are $12 per child plus tax and gratuity. A minimum of 10 children is required. Please book at least 10 days in advance—parties are subject to availability. A deposit of $50 is required at time of booking. To make a reservation please call 757-213-0600 or email us at

Team Parties

The soccer match is over; the swim meet was a blast and now its time to take the team out for a special treat. With a little advance notice, we'll put together the decorations, the pizzas (with your choice of toppings) the soft drinks and the fun. Watch live sports on our flat screen displays, hand out the trophies and make it a great moment for your kids and their teammates. * Alcoholic beverages and beer for adults are available at additional cost.

Team parties are for children ages 6-14 (or adults). 10 days advance booking is required along with a $75 deposit. Call us at 757-213-0600 for reservations and pricing.

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